More often than not, a wool sweater only needs to be aired outside to give it a fresh feel. Wool should otherwise be washed by hand in cool water. In a machine-wash it will bleed and shrink or even felt. You should fold your wool garment, laying it flat in the wardrobe. On a store hanger the garment tends to stretch is formed by the hanger.

Linen and hemp are both fabrics that become softer and smoother after washing. You can machine wash your linen and hemp garments, but always remember to follow the instructions on the care label. Linen and hemp should be flat dried for best results and hung on a hanger. Avoid direct sunlight and it will last and keep its shape for a long time.

Silk garments should be aired after every wash and should not be washed too often. When washed, the fabric shrinks but you can iron the garment on a low temperature which will return it to its normal shape. Always wash silk by hand and avoid direct sunlight. Hang on a hanger.

Consumption thought-through. To build up a long lasting wardrobe means choosing good quality clothes. To invest in clothes made from natural materials such as wool and linen is a good choice because they are timeless and can last a life time if you treat them with care. All of our clothes are made to be worn and loved for a long time. Wash your clothes correctly and they will last longer.


Always wash at a low temperature and as rarely as possible. Our favorite materials, wool, linen, hemp and silk, are made from natural fibers that you need to care for in a certain way. You can read more about our recommendations on how to wash, mend and care for your garment made from natural fibers.

Valur your clothes and always mend what you have. Try to repair or remake instead of replacing them with something new.

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