Photographer: Sabina Olson

Model: Patricia Aliaga DeVallt

The Explorer Collection 

A walk alongside nature

XV Atelier (XV) presents The Explorer Collection inspired by the scout movement, that with their characteristic costumes intend to create solidarity no matter social categorization. It steps into the world of nature instead of standing outside it.

The Explorer Collection is influenced by the scout movement who urge to see the nature as a living room and “ A scout is a friend to animals”. Our planet is something that we have to take care of. XV Atelier creates clothes with both human, animals and nature in mind. Everything from design to production is in-house.


The foundations for the scout movement is in basic human rights “ A scout is courteous” and “A scout is a friend to all”. The garments in The Explorer Collection wants to create a sense of belongingness. The brand creates agender garments that new life and silhouette depending on the person wearing it. The garments is labeled with both women and man sizes. 

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