Throughout the construction process of our garments, the clothes are consciously made to fit both the female and male body. Our sizes are unisex, and will have a unique appearance on each body.

Our sizes are based on general European standards, but we have chosen to merge the traditional female and male sizes into one size. Our garments are normally represented in the following sizes: XS/S, S/M, M/L and L/ XL. If you compare this with a traditional size range, a women's size S should be equal to a men's size XS. The first letter in our size range represents the traditional female size and the second letter the traditional male size.



We wish to encourage you to select size depending on how you aspire the garment to suit you. For an oversized and more dramatic silhouette, a larger size would be recommended. If you wish for a narrow and slim silhouette, we suggest you chose a smaller size.

Traditional women's size   

Traditional men's size           

Our size                            

XS              S            M            L           XL        

XXS            XS           S            M          L        

XS/XXS      S/XS       M/S        L/M      XL/L